About Me

I am a high school Bible and theology teacher at Rock Springs Christian Academy in Milner, Georgia. I became a Christian at a very early age and have always been fascinated with the Bible and captivated by the person and work of Jesus Christ. I grew up in Rifle, Colorado and after high school, played football and did my undergraduate studies in Religious History at the University of Redlands in Southern California. From there, I moved to Portland, Oregon, to attend Western Seminary where I received a masters degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. Currently, I am a doctoral student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary working toward a degree in applied theology. 
My wife, Amelia, and I have been married since August of 2014. She's a total rock star! She's a massage therapist, EMT, and extreme crafter. 
My hobbies are hunting, fishing, weightlifting, woodworking, coaching football, reading, and taking our dog Noah (a Golden Retriever) hiking. 
My greatest passion and privilege is to help people grasp the beautiful and compelling story of the Bible and how it all leads us to Jesus.